Workplace Organisation

Having an organised and safe workplace is the basis of any Lean/Agile improvement programme. This training will help your team to identify and quantify efficiency losses and understand how to sustain improvements made through behavioural practices, visual management, documentation and audits that ensure a safe and efficient workplace. 

Problem Solving Methodology

Learn about the difference between the symptoms and causes of problems affecting performance. Capture the influencing factors, get to root cause, generate corrective action plans and practice their use with your team.

Lean Manufacturing Tools

As specialists in lean manufacturing, we will listen to your needs and help to educate your teams in using a variety of tools that will address your key production issues. We can train both in the workplace and in our specifically designed Lean Manufacturing War Room

Operational Excellence

Our Practitioners will work with you to define and generate your ideal state vision and strategy and then support your teams in identifying and monitoring improvement activities that are aligned with your business objectives.

Short Interval Control (SIC)

Short Interval Control training will equip your teams with a powerful rapid improvement tool that helps focus their value adding activities. SIC reviews the recent past, typically every hour, and makes improvements to prevent repeating the losses. Trending this improvement activity can ensure there are no surprises at the end of a shift.

Continuous Improvement

Gemba provides all the tools and training necessary to install a CI culture into your business and develop, roll out and sustain processes and activities that generate real benefits to your customers, employees and bottom line.

Total Productive Management (TPM)

TPM aims to remove the unpredictability of machine performance caused by failures of equipment. This process involves operators in the maintenance of the machine assets, giving them access to our CMMS software module and the training to carry-out simple routine tasks. This releases the technically trained tradesmen to concentrate on design improvements, root cause analysis of failures, and continuous improvement activities.

Quick Changeovers

This SMED training will improve the flexibility and responsiveness of your company and will reduce waste by shortening changeover times in your workplace. This training is all about shorter lead times, which is a key ingredient for adaptability and customer focus.
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