Our OEE IMPACT Software (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) will revolutionise the way in which you collect and analyse your manufacturing shop floor data, its feature-rich functionality and intuitive interface enabling you to efficiently and effectively monitor and report on performance and productivity,...

"analysis based on unambiguous data"

Our unique product goes beyond the Overall Equipment Effectiveness calculation by providing an array of invaluable additional features that complement and build on the Overall Equipment Effectiveness standard. Drawn from the experience gained by our team over many years those features enable the user to gather, analyse and report on key production information; machine set-up times, product analysis, resource usage, product tracking, waste, re-work, maintenance times etc.

"drive down wastage levels"

The software is fully scalable, both in size (number of users) and capacity (number of monitored cells/machines) and can be expanded from a manually entered system to a real-time automated data collection solution "OEE IMPACT ", ensuring that your initial investment is never wasted

"identify your production losses and increases your margins"

Don’t take our word for it - take the next step in your Overall Equipment Effectiveness journey.
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