Plant Efficiency

Our Plant Efficiency module monitors and reports on a plant’s operating efficiency using the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) metric which combines availability, performance and quality, the three key factors which affect efficiency.

Suited to both automatic and manual processes our Plant Efficiency module will act as a catalyst to your improvement programme, enabling you to reduce downtime and drive up performance whilst maintaining and improving product quality.
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Alert & Annunciation

Our Alert & Annunciation module enables requests for support from the shop-floor (i.e. maintenance required, machine breakdown, no material etc.) to be issued to the support teams via email, SMS Text or visual display (lamp tower, Andon board, etc.). 

All requests and sequence steps (support requested, responding, resolved, etc.) are time-stamped and recorded, enabling a detailed analysis of the process to be performed in order to identify and address recurring problems and process weaknesses and to improve support service response times.
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Job Sequencing

Our Job Sequencing module provides a set of tools through which a manufacturing asset’s workload can be sequenced and its expected performance against that workload determined. 

The sequencer places shop-floor job control back into the hands of the planners, providing them with accurate intelligence on when jobs are likely to start and end based on actual performance rather than on theoretical standards.
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Inventory Tracking

Our Inventory Tracking module tracks production materials (raw materials, WIP, finished goods, assemblies, sub-assemblies, bought-in components, key tooling, etc.) as they move through the manufacturing process. 

The tracking information gathered can be used to monitor part location and stock levels in real-time, with it stock levels can be reconciled and product velocity can be determined 'after the event'.
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Electronic Documentation (Q&A)

Our Question and Answer (Q&A) module supports the definition and deployment of electronic shop-floor documents, providing a simple mechanism through which key production data (tolerances, settings, etc.) can be gathered and stored against the job or part to which they relate. 

Questions can be linked to part/job specific documentation such as Work Instructions, Quality Guidelines etc., minimising the need for unnecessary paperwork from the shop-floor.
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Labour Tracking

Our Labour Tracking module adds people to the efficiency equation, associating people with job roles, processes and assets and then tracking them as they contribute to the manufacturing process. 

From the data gathered labour utilisation and lost hours can be easily identified and labour cost per part produced can be accurately calculated.
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Skills Matrix

The OEE IMPACT Skills Matrix module allows a user-definable set of skills to be associated with each employee. 

Once defined, skills can be matched to production processes to ensure that people with the right skills are allocated to each machine/job at the right time. Essential to ensuring that quality of product and the safety of the workforce is maintained.
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Process Trending

Our Process Trend module gathers and stores analogue data relating to the process (e.g. temperatures, pressures, speeds, power consumption etc.) and presents that data back to the user as a user-definable set of trend displays. 

An excellent tool for cause and effect analysis, process variables can be associated with assets and with production runs on those assets, enabling associations to be made between job and process exception (e.g. poor quality, excessive power utilisation, etc.).
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Maintenance Process Management

The OEE IMPACT Maintenance module provides simple to use facilities through which Works Order Requests can be placed and corresponding Works Orders can be raised, tracked and analysed. 

Where equipment is covered by a maintenance contract, Service Contracts can be raised and tracked and the Maintenance Calendar provides a clear view of planned and outstanding maintenance activities.
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Short Interval Control

Our Short Interval Control module provides all of the tools necessary to implement and maintain an effective short interval control improvement programme.

A comprehensive set of performance metrics (unplanned downtime, asset performance, utilisation, rejects, etc.) are maintained for each monitored asset. 

our SIC charts  allow the live drill-down into those metrics, enabling problems to be assessed and addresses as they occur.
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Third Party Interface

The OEE IMPACT Third Party Interface (TPI) supports the exchange of data with other management and shop-floor data capture systems. 

The TPI is flexible in its operation, supports several methods of data exchange and enables the import and export of data to and from OEE IMPACT Connect. Typically the TPI is deployed to maintain Product Codes, Cycle times, and Work Order details.
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Excel Add-in

The OEE IMPACT product comes as standard with a comprehensive set of reports and analyses. However, where something different is required, the Excel Add-in module provides a mechanism through which OEE IMPACT’s standard report data can be quickly exported, manipulated and presented in user-definable Excel reports. 

An ideal tool for a change-management situation where users need a stepping stone between existing methods and a new approach. 
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