Alert and Annunciation

Our Alert and Annunciation module proactively alerts those people and teams that support the manufacturing process (engineers, material handlers, quality controllers, production managers, etc.) to problems as soon as they occur......

"manually or automatically driven"

Calls for support can be made manually by the manufacturing team through the press of physical or on-screen buttons. Calls can also be 'automatically issued' when a user-defined set of conditions is met (e.g. the line has been stopped for 2 minutes, a machine fault has been detected, process performance has dropped below 95%, fluid temperature exceeds a preset maximum, a part has been rejected, etc.)

"rapid notification of issues"

On detecting a call for support that call is passed on to the appropriate support service by email and, optionally, by SMS text message.

Large screen displays located around the plant and in the support offices also provide site-wide visibility of the status of all call requests 

"analyse the service performance and improve productivity"

In addition to providing support call functionality the Alert and Annunciation module records each step of each call, enabling support team load to be determined and a detailed analysis of support team performance to be made
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