About Us

production efficiency solution provider

To us, the key to production efficiency is a careful balance between having access to reliable and unambiguous real-time data, along with the will and ability to improve

One without the other just doesn’t fly. As an independent production efficiency solution provider we’re committed to helping you by creating a tailored production efficiency solution that aligns with your business objectives. 

our approach...

Our approach is simple but unique: we are obsessed with driving the benefit into our customer’s business rather than just laying software on top of it. In fact, having this combination of real-time software and continuous improvement services under one roof is what makes us the only true production efficiency solution provider in Europe

the Gemba Experience...

We regularly invite clients to take a walk through our production efficiency world with us.
It all happens at one of our interactive Gemba Solutions events, where our passionate Gemba team share their insights into the past, present and future of providing solutions in efficiency improvement...

...Why? Because we know that sometimes you have to mix things up a little to come up with truly breakthrough innovations. Plus we love to share our passion for production efficiency, and have a little fun along the way!
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